Join our signature astrology foundations program and learn how to interpret a birth chart!

I have used astrology as a tool for self-exploration for years and it has completely transformed my life by bringing me to deeper levels of understanding regarding my cosmic gifts, my shadow, and what I’m here to do. Your birth chart is the cosmic map of your soul, and together, we will learn to interpret it.

We begin the journey on October 9th, 2022

Does this sound like you?

> You know there's magic in astrology and you're ready to go deeper.
> You want to learn how to read charts to better understand yourself and others.
> You want to offer astrology / birth chart readings professionally or help family and friends understand their charts.
> You want to be a part of a magical community of people using their birth charts to reach new levels of self-awareness and take ownership of their destiny.

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Have you had a lifelong love affair with astrology, but don't know how to turn an obsession into a profession?

If you love astrology, but don’t know where to begin when it comes to interpreting a birth chart, then this is for you! The birth chart is a celestial snapshot of one’s soul at the moment of incarnation. In this program, you’ll learn all the tools it takes to interpret a chart, and even be able to do so professionally.


The Cosmic Goddess

A foundational program for astrology lovers.

Course Features

In this course, you’ll receive: 

– live, interactive, online classes teaching the foundations of astrology, including the signs, houses, planets and more!

– 2 private 30min birth chart readings/coaching sessions 

– access to new moon and full moon group ceremonies/rituals (seasonal and available to those local to Savannah)

– access to an exclusive, private group for extra support

– unlimited access to me via text for extra support

Lovely to meet you, I'm Julianna..

Learning the ancient art of astrology and how to interpret a birth chart has changed my life. Things just start to click, make sense, add up. 

If you’re like me, you always wondered why there were certain unexplainable patterns when it comes to astrology. Like, why am I  always so drawn to certain signs? Or, why do I always feel some type of way on the full moon or during a retrograde? Once I discovered astrology and the birth chart, I was hooked. I  started to learn so much about my needs, my gifts, and my shadow. It made me aware of who I truly am, at a soul level. This has helped me accept myself and others so much more.

I’ve been interested in astrology and have been reading my horoscope in magazines since I was a young child. I’ve been seriously studying astrology for over 5 years. I’ve studied under evolutionary  astrologers like Nura Rachelle, and have also been working for the popular astrology app, Sanctuary, for the last two years.

I know exactly which parts of your birth chart are the most powerful to learn and tap into, and I’m so excited to share everything I’ve learned up until this point, with you.

So... what's inside?

Week 1: the zodiac wheel

We’ll start at the beginning, the zodiac wheel. This class will be co-taught with tarot teacher Eoley Mulally and we will discuss the zodiac wheel, the houses, the wheel of the year and the holidays, as well as the major arcana cards that correlate to the wheel.

Week 2: the fire signs - Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This week we’ll be learning all about the fire signs, the planets that rule them, and the houses they rule. We will look at where fire is in your chart. We’ll also discuss transits and cycles like the Solar return and the Jupiter return.

Week 3: the Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

This week we will get into the earth signs, the houses they rule, and the planets that rule them. We look at where earth is in your chart and how to channel that energy. We discuss transits like the Saturn return & the Chiron return.

Week 4: the air signs- Gemini, libra, aquarius

This week we will learn about the air signs, the houses they rule, and the planets that rule them. We look at where air is in your chart. We’ll discuss Mercury retrogrades and the Uranus opposition.

Week 5: the water signs - cancer, scorpio, pisces

In our final week together, we’ll learn all about the water signs, the houses they rule and the planets that rule them. We will look at where water falls in your chart and what that might mean for you. We’ll discuss lunar cycles & the Pluto square.

This course IS for you if...

This course is NOT for you if...

Ok, but...

A: Nope. This course is ideal for beginners. I will guide you every step of the way in decoding your birth chart. We start with the foundations of astrology.

 A: This is a 5 week LIVE program, and you will have access to the course materials forever. Classes will be held on Zoom, Sundays at 10am.

A: It’s crucial to know your birth time in order to get an accurate birth chart. If you are off by a few minutes, it shouldn’t make a huge difference. If you don’t know your birth time, see if you can find your birth certificate or if one of your parents remembers the time.

So what's the price?

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